Assange Accuser Worked with US-Funded, CIA-Tied Anti-Castro Group

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Yesterday Alexander Cockburn reminded us of the news Israel Shamir and Paul Bennett broke at Counterpunch in September.   Julian Assange’s chief accuser in Sweden has a significant history of work with anti-Castro groups, at least one of which is US funded and openly supported by a former CIA agent convicted in the mass murder of seventy three Cubans on an airliner he was involved in blowing up.

Anna Ardin (the official complainant) is often described by the media as a “leftist”. She has ties to the US-financed anti-Castro and anti-communist groups. She published her anti-Castro diatribes (see here and here) in the Swedish-language publication Revista de Asignaturas Cubanas put out by Misceláneas de Cuba. From Oslo, Professor Michael Seltzer points out that this periodical is the product of a well-financed anti-Castro organization in Sweden. He further notes that the group is connected with Union Liberal Cubana led by Carlos Alberto Montaner whose CIA ties were exposed here.

Quelle surprise, no?  Shamir and Bennett went on to write about Ardin’s history in Cuba with a US funded group openly supported by a real terrorist: Luis Posada Carriles.

In Cuba she interacted with the feminist anti-Castro group Las damas de blanco (the Ladies in White). This group receives US government funds and the convicted anti-communist terrorist Luis Posada Carriles is a friend and supporter.  Wikipedia quotes Hebe de Bonafini, president of the Argentine Madres de Plaza de Mayo as saying that “the so-called Ladies in White defend the terrorism of the United States.”

Who is Luis Posada Carriles?  He’s a mass murderer, and former CIA agent.  . . .

Luis Clemente Faustino Posada Carriles (born February 15, 1928) (nicknamed Bambi by some Cuban exiles)[1] is a Cuban-born Venezuelan anti-communist extremist. A former Central Intelligence Agency agent,[2] Posada has been convicted in absentia of involvement in various terrorist attacks and plots in the Americas, including: involvement in the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner that killed seventy-three people;[3][4] admitted involvement in a string of bombings in 1997 targeting fashionable Cuban hotels and nightspots;[5][6][7] involvement in the Bay of Pigs invasion; [and] involvement in the Iran-Contra affair…

Luis Posada Carriles is so evil that even the Bush administration wanted him behind bars:

In 2005, Posada was held by U.S. authorities in Texas on the charge of illegal presence on national territory before the charges were dismissed on May 8, 2007. On September 28, 2005 a U.S. immigration judge ruled that Posada cannot be deported, finding that he faces the threat of torture in Venezuela.[11] His release on bail on April 19, 2007 had elicited angry reactions from the Cuban and Venezuelan governments.[12] The U.S. Justice Department had urged the court to keep him in jail because he was “an admitted mastermind of terrorist plots and attacks”, a flight risk and a danger to the community.[7]

Who is Julian Assange’s chief accuser in Sweden?  She’s a gender equity officer at Uppsula University – who chose to associate with a US funded group openly supported by a convicted terrorist and mass murderer.  She just happens to have her work published by a very well funded group connected with Union Liberal Cubana – whose leader, Carlos Alberto Montaner, in turn just happened to pop up on right wing Colombian TV a few hours after the right-wing coup in Honduras. Where he joined the leader of the failed coup in Ecuador to savage Correa, the target of the coup.  Montnaner also just happened to vociferously support the violent coup in Honduras, and chose to show up to sing the praises of the Honduran junta.  Jean-Guy Allard, a retired Canadian journalist who now writes for Cuba’s Gramma, captured the moment

A strange pair appeared on NTN 24, the right-wing Colombian television channel aligned to the Fox Broadcasting Company the U.S. A few hours after the coup attempt in Quito, Ecuador, CIA agent Carlos Alberto Montaner, a fugitive from Cuban justice for acts of terrorism, joined with one of the leaders of the failed Ecuadorian coup, ex-Lieutenant Colonel Lucio Gutiérrez, to attack President Rafael Correa…

On the margin of his media news shows, Montaner’s is known for his fanatic support of the most extreme elements of the Cuban-American mafia.

Last year, in the wake of the coup d’état against Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, June 28, he became an fervent supporter of the dictator Roberto Micheletti, along with U.S. Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, and another Cuban-American terrorist and CIA collaborator, Armando Valladares.

Montaner showed up repeatedly in Tegucigalpa to “defend human rights,” and at the same time to applaud the fascist Honduran regime when it unleashed its police on demonstrations by the National Resistance Front.

Oh…and the “rape” charge that’s smeared Julian Assange’s name around the world?  On Thursday James D. Catlin, the Melbourne barrister who represented Assange in London, wrote:

Apparently having consensual sex in Sweden without a condom is punishable by a term of imprisonment of a minimum of two years for rape. That is the basis for a reinstitution of rape charges against WikiLeaks figurehead Julian Assange that is destined to make Sweden and its justice system the laughing stock of the world and dramatically damage its reputation as a model of modernity.

Sweden’s Public Prosecutor’s Office was embarrassed in August this year when it leaked to the media that it was seeking to arrest Assange for rape, then on the same day withdrew the arrest warrant because in its own words there was “no evidence”. The damage to Assange’s reputation is incalculable. More than three quarters of internet references to his name refer to rape. Now, three months on and three prosecutors later, the Swedes seem to be clear on their basis to proceed. Consensual sex that started out with a condom ended up without one, ergo, the sex was not consensual.

I’ve spent much of my professional life as a psychiatrist helping women (and men) who are survivors of sexual violence.  Rape is a hideous crime.  Yet in Assange’s case his alleged victim – the gender equity officer at Uppsala University – chose to throw a party for her alleged assailant – after they’d had the sex that even Swedish prosecutors concede was consensual.  Barrister Caitlin again:

[The] phenomena of social networking through the internet and mobile phones constrains Swedish authorities from augmenting the evidence against Assange because it would look even less credible in the face of tweets by Anna Ardin and SMS texts by Sofia Wilén boasting of their respective conquests after the “crimes”.

In the case of Ardin it is clear that she has thrown a party in Assange’s honour at her flat after the “crime” and tweeted to her followers that she is with the “the world’s coolest smartest people, it’s amazing!”. Go on the internet and see for yourself. That Ardin has sought unsuccessfully to delete these exculpatory tweets from the public record should be a matter of grave concern. That she has published on the internet a guide on how to get revenge on cheating boyfriends ever graver. The exact content of Wilén’s mobile phone texts is not yet known but their bragging and exculpatory character has been confirmed by Swedish prosecutors. Neither Wilén’s nor Ardin’s texts complain of rape.

Small world, isn’t it?  Julian Assange is the human face of Wikileaks – the organization that’s enabled whistle-blowers to reveal hideous war crimes and expose much of America’s foreign policy to the world.

He just happens to meet a Swedish woman who just happens to have been publishing her work in a well-funded anti-Castro group that just happens to have links with a group led by a man at least one journalist describes as an agent of the CIA: the violent secret arm of America’s foreign policy.

And she just happens to have been expelled from Cuba, which just happens to be the global symbol of successful defiance of American foreign policy.

And – despite her work in Sweden upholding the human right of gender equity – in Cuba she just happens to end up associating with a group openly supported by an admitted CIA agent who himself committed mass murder when he actively participated in the terrorist bombing of a jetliner carrying a Cuban sports team…an act that was of a piece with America’s secret foreign policy of violent attacks against Cuban state interests.

And now she just happens – after admittedly consensual sex – to have gone to Swedish authorities to report the sex ended without a condom…which just happens to be the pretext for Interpol to issue a “Red Notice” informing the world’s police forces of charges against Julian Assange.

Who just happens to be the man America’s political class – the people who run America’s foreign policy – have been trying to silence.  And who happens to be the man some of them have been calling to have murdered.

With a lust for vengeance like that, one could be forgiven for concluding they’ve just happened to have taken a page from Anna’s revenge manual.

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  • J Bowman

    Whereas We, the many Free-thinking and Peace-loving People of these Lands on this Earth have elected, of our own Free Wills, to unite and stand against plagues of War, Injustice, Corruption, Greed, Tyrrany, Oppression, and Untruths perpetually cast upon Us by few;

    And whereas We shall no longer tolerate the perversions of our collective systems of Governance and Justice by Tyrants and their agents of deceit, We adhere to the following mutual principles of civil Humanity:

    Keeping with our inherent moralities, We demand our Freedom and Justice for us One and All.

    Even as we are threatened and intimidated, tempted, bribed and coerced, We shall not succumb to apathy or willful blindness.

    Too many have already been senselessly killed; in the name of so-called ‘security’; We refuse to condone or support in any way, preemptive wars and occupation under any circumstances, and shall take Pity on, but shun those do.

    How long must peace-loving People be perversely manipulated to bear arms against and destroy one and other? Humans’ inherent desire is Peace – those who do are warmongers are atypical and unfit for civil society – moreover, they are absolutely unfit to govern or lead.

    Each Man, Woman and Child on this Earth are Sister and Brother – We will no longer be divided by that which makes Us different, but united by that which We hold in common as Brethren.

    For centuries, wars have been waged and blood spilled for freedom, yet after so much carnage we have less freedom today than did our forebearers.

    Using all means necessary and available, We the People will see sent into government, not option ‘A’ or ‘B’ (more of the same) – but candidates who are independent of organized affiliation and corruption, and who will be accountable to the electorate, and not to the oligarchies we despise and will call out from this day forth.

    Christians, Agnostics, Atheists, Jews, Spirituals, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, or members of any other Faith or Creed will no longer subscribe to propaganda and organized teachings which are contrary to common good and teachings we all know to be right; we will celebrate which we share – an aversion to evil and love for all things good.

    Keeping to these Fundamentals, which we hold to be true, We the People shall resist with Civil Disobedience, tyranny and injustice in all of its ugly forms and will expose such abominations in order that they be known to all good people and no longer kept hidden.

    Until there is Justice for all – We shall not expect Peace.

    Peace and free living are rights for All to share.

    “If American democracy ceases to move forward as a living force, seeking day and night by peaceful means to better the lot of our citizens, fascism will grow in strength in our land.”

    - Franklin D. Roosevelt (November 4, 1938)

    From: [link removed]

  • Peter Loud

    As she worked with the Swedish Embassy in Buenos Aires and in Cuba there is a significant possibility that she was involved with the Swedish intelligence service. That she was involved with an embassy means the the CIA would be interested in establishing a relationship with her. These alone mean that there is a reasonable possibility of her being involved with intelligence services and needs further investigation.

    It would be very interesting to see the other career and social involvements which she has had, and to assess whether they might be useful intelligence gathering activities.

    I have just started looking, and already her activities with the “Brotherhood Movement”, with Wikileaks and now in Palestine all fall into the category of ‘useful intelligence gathering opportunities’.

    I would like to see what a professional journalist can report.

  • xxxevilgrinxxx

    I completely agree. Embassy work on its own is going to put you in contact with CIA agents but for the sorts of places – and people – she’s tied to? No doubt at all in my mind. This has CIA sting written all over it.

  • P.

    You’re sources are wrong about consensual sex in sweden ever being illegal. Consent can however at any time be revoked, as for instance if somebody no longer wanting to have sex after the condom broke.

  • xxxevilgrinxxx

    Of course people have the right to revoke consent. But you’ve got to ask, if this really was about rape, why is it that no other rapists have received this kind of treatment? I’d love it if that were the case – if rapists everywhere regularly got put on lists for Interpol. I think anyone with more than one functioning brain cell knows that surely hasn’t happened and isn’t going to happen. This wasn’t about rape, as much as a part of me would be glad to know that all the governments in the world had finally decided to GET IT, and punish rape like the crime it is. This is about not being able to find anything Wikileak related with which to charge Assange, and struggling, perhaps even manufacturing, something so that they could.

    If this is really about rape and consensual sex, then I suspect that Sweden will, from this moment on, go after others with the same zeal? I doubt it and I have to wonder if, underneath it all, you do as well.

  • Kassandra

    Clinton was stupid enough when his hormons started to talk, as well Mordechai Vanunu etc etc…..
    and now Julian Assange !
    Really guys, if you are not able to say NO to a f… when you are dealing with the snake pit,
    it will all be lost !
    Even crazy Muammar Gaddafi realized it and recruted for his life guard 100% women…
    next to his full breasted night nurse from Ucraine ;-) ! Why?
    “Because men are to corrupt with sex and money”, he said.
    After all the risks other people took (eg. Manning…) to deliver important information…
    Julian needs to have a party with 2 swedish gifts ! Thats so stupid.
    I appreciate “Wikileaks” and its mission…
    but please guys leave your penis beside when you are fighting against the machine !

  • Hans Hansen

    In the rape case against Julian Assange there is a very strange relationship between the Swedish woman who is accusing him and the Swedish Labour party, the Social democrats.

    Miss Anna Ardin works as a press officer for a Swedish labour party newspaper and had in fact invited Julian Assange for a meeting in that context. Though Miss Arden isn’t only member of the Swedish labour party and hardened press officer, but she is also a radical feminist with a highly personal agenda.

    Because she was a candidate at the general election to the Swedish parliament in September 2010, and in other ways also are connected to the Swedish labour party. But she is allegedly also a very religious person and is furthermore a supporter of a branch of the Swedish labour party, i.e.
    a religious organisation called the brotherhood.

    Together with her female lover or girlfriend, Miss Sofia Wilen, she has apparently conspired to complain over Julian Assagne to the police in Stockholm, in order to have him end up in jail.

    It’s also very strange that a woman, that on her private webpage, describes her self as a lesbian will have a sexual relationship with a male person.

    In should also be remembered that the Swedish labour party, as well as the present Swedish PM and government, has a strong affiliation to the United States.

    It has been revealed that there has been at least one important meeting, between the Swedish PM and president Barack Obama regarding a highly clandestine cooperation between the US and the Swedish intelligence community.

    With regard to the Swedish labour party the chairperson of the party, Misses Mona Sahlin, has been to a number of meetings with the US ambassador to Sweden, and among other matters discussed the involvement of the Swedish military in Afghanistan and the war there.

    It’s also been revealed that Miss Ardin in August 2010, apparently the day after she should have had a sexual encounter with Julian Assange, wanted to invite him to a special Swedish season dinner at a restaurant. Why would Miss Ardin invite Julian Assange to a restaurant or dinner if he the previous night had raped her?

    There can be little doubt: Miss Ardin and her girlfriend have been asked by the Swedish labour party to frame Julian Assange because of the Wikileaks revelations.

    The Swedish labour party has again been asked by there American friends, i.e. the US embassy in Stockholm, to be a part of a frame in order to get a hold of Julian Assange. That is to have him in prison within the United States, and there be able to interrogate him and later of have him in some way, murdered.

  • xxxevilgrinxxx

    Everything about how this scenario played out is interesting, so thanks for offering more information!

  • xxxevilgrinxxx

    Gaddafi’s smart that way :)