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Now that this memo is out there, publicly, the administration needs to do the right thing and prosecute those in the Bush admin that committed war crimes. There’s no excuse anymore.

No war on women? Now, we’re caterpillars, mere bugs, not even livestock. The right wingers aren’t making 100′s upon 100′s of laws against caterpillars, they’re not stripping the rights of caterpillars. They’re stripping the very human rights of more than 1/2 the human population. They’re turning us into livestock, into chattel. And now, we’re just bugs. I’m surprised he didn’t refer to us as cockroaches or some other sort of vermin. Maybe that’s yet to come

Newly Released Documents Re-Expose Bush Administration to Legal Liability for Torture:

MADDOW: And, if the Republican Party were still the party of John McCain, this would open up a whole new can of political worms, because the Obama administration, remember, looked into Bush administration ordered torture and they decided not to prosecute any of it. They decided effectively that the Bush administration was operating on good faith when they ordered torture? They thought it was legal? Probably not. Actually, it turns out they had good reason to know it was not legal, so that means it was a crime. It was probably a war crime, not to put too fine a point on it.
And that is something that we are legally obligated to prosecute in this country. This reopens the whole question of the legal liability for torture that was administered by the previous administration. The Democratic Party will be split by this because the White House politically doesn’t want to deal with it, even if it’s wrong and even if they know it’s wrong.
And the Republican Party still has to figure out who it is. Is the Republican Party still the party of John McCain, which has now the opportunity to out flank the President on a matter of principle here, where the White House knows what the right thing to do is, but they don’t want to do it. Or, are the Republicans still the party of George W. Bush and Mitt Romney, who think torture is okay? Gut check time. [crooksandliars/065 Apr 2012]

RNC Chair: GOP ‘War on Women’ Fictional Like ‘War on Caterpillars’: The chairman of the Republican National Committee is denying that his party is waging a war on women, saying it’s as fictional as the “war on caterpillars.” [crooksandliars/05 Apr 2012]

APNewsBreak: Complaint says KBR knew of Iraq toxin: A military contractor knew an Iraqi water treatment plant’s lax environmental standards let a toxic chemical contaminate the area, but never disclosed it to Oregon National Guard soldiers who were sickened, the soldiers said in a complaint filed Wednesday. The complaint in U.S. District Court in Oregon alleges Kellogg, Brown and Root knew about the presence of sodium dichromate at the Qarmat Ali water treatment plant months before the date they originally gave in testimony and depositions. A message left Wednesday for KBR Inc. was not immediately returned. [ap/NIGEL DUARA/04 Apr 2012]

It’s Not About the Facts – Did Rick Santorum just declare the next right-wing crusade?: The thing to remember is this: Even though right-wing narratives are often factually wrong, they are absolutely never content-free. Stories like this are always about something. And the weirder and more factually challenged they sound to liberal ears, the more important it probably is for us to know what that something is. Too often, our obsession with the gobsmacking wrongness of these statements deafens us to clues to the right’s current motives and intentions that are frequently lurking in these strange declarations.
I’m a native-born speaker of right-wing code. And what I heard in Santorum’s ramble was, frankly, hair-raising. To my ears, it was a very loud and clear tip-off that conservatives are gearing up an all-out frontal assault on funding for America’s public universities. [AlterNet/Sara Robinson/04 Apr 2012]

Romney, Who Holds Two Harvard Degrees, Says Obama Spent ‘Too Much Time’ At Harvard: Mitt Romney again bashed President Obama for his connections to Harvard on Thursday, despite holding multiple degrees from the university himself and relying heavily on Harvard advisers as part of his presidential campaign. Speaking in Harrisburg, Pa., Romney told an audience that Obama may have spent “too much time at Harvard,” according to NBC. Obama, who has a law degree from Harvard, spent three years there. Romney, who earned both a Harvard law degree and business degree, spent four years at the university and was by all accounts a motivated student who was happy with the institution during his time there. Despite frequently mocking Obama for taking advice from the “Harvard faculty lounge” and spending too much time at the university, Romney has shown little indication that he regrets his own experience. Three of his sons attended Harvard and he has donated over $50,000 to the university. His campaign lists over a dozen advisers with Harvard ties, including Harvard economics professor Greg Mankiw and international affairs professor Meghan O’Sullivan. [talkingpointsmemo/05 Apr 2012]

Cop in Fatal Shooting of Ex-Marine Kenneth Chamberlain Was Sued in 2008 Racism CaseThe alleged shooter, Officer Anthony Carelli, is due in court later this month on an unrelated 2008 police brutality case.: In a broadcast exclusive, Democracy Now! reveals the name of the police officer who allegedly killed 68-year-old Kenneth Chamberlain, the retired African-American Marine who was shot dead in his own home in White Plains, New York, in November after he inadvertently triggered his medical alert pendant. Documented in audio recordings, the White Plains police reportedly used a racial slur, burst through Chamberlain’s door, tasered him, then shot him dead. “The last time I actually really saw my father, other than the funeral, was at the hospital, with his eyes wide open, his tongue hanging out his mouth, and two bullet holes in his chest,” said Kenneth Chamberlain, Jr. “And I’m staring at my father, wondering, ‘What happened?’”
The alleged shooter, Officer Anthony Carelli, is due in court later this month in an unrelated 2008 police brutality case. He is accused of being the most brutal of a group of officers who allegedly beat two arrestees of Jordanian descent and called them “rag heads.” [Democracy Now!/Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez/05 Apr 2012]

Mali slips into chaos despite rebel ceasefire: Fears mounted yesterday that al-Qaeda-linked Islamists were turning Mali into a rogue state despite the announcement by Tuareg rebels that their 10-week military offensive was complete. As the Tuareg trumpeted the success of a decades-old struggle to “liberate” their homeland, their fundamentalist comrades-turned-rivals began imposing sharia in northern Mali, also leaving an embattled junta looking very vulnerable in Bamako. The UN Security Council on Wednesday called for an immediate ceasefire but proposed no firm action to reverse a sequence that has seen a country hailed as a democratic success story descend into chaos in barely two weeks. [thedailystar/Afp, Bamako/06 Apr 2012]

Algerian diplomats kidnapped in chaotic Mali : Armed men have stormed the Algerian consulate in northeastern Mali and abducted seven diplomats amid fears Al Qaeda-linked fighters are turning the country into a rogue state and fuelling a humanitarian crisis. Alarmed by the sudden collapse of the west African nation, which has split into a rebel-controlled north and junta-controlled south in two weeks since a coup, the international community grappled for a response and a place to lay the blame. Algeria’s foreign ministry said an unidentified group had attacked its consulate in the town of Gao on Thursday and kidnapped the consul and six staff members. [aljazeera/06 Apr 2012]

France pledges to back action to crush Mali army revolt: The French government, concerned at the destabilisation of Mali after the March 22 army coup that toppled President Amadou Toumani Touré (ATT), is signaling it will back military action to crush the revolt. [wsws/Antoine Lerougetel/05 Apr 2012]

Russian arms smuggler gets 25 years in US prison: A US judge on Thursday sentenced Russian “merchant of death” arms smuggler Viktor Bout to 25 years in prison for conspiring to sell a massive arsenal to anti-American guerrillas in Colombia. [AFP/05 Apr 2012]

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