You’re not entitled to be president, Mittens [Shorter Question Everything]

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Titanic White Shark Caught in the Sea of Cortez: Peter Thomas Outdoors is reporting one of the largest white sharks ever caught in Mexican waters this week, an animal estimated to be close to 20 feet long. If true, this animal might represent what many have long suspected in the Sea of Cortez, a smaller distinct white shark population in these waters that may well be on it’s way to complete extinction. [sharkdivers/17 Apr 2012]

U.S. Troops Take Pics with Afghan Corpses. Again.: In yet another unforced error by U.S. troops this year jeopardizing the Afghanistan war, photographs published by the Los Angeles Times show soldiers posing and grinning with the remains of an Afghan insurgent. Yes, again. A soldier with the 4th Combat Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division provided the paper with grisly photographs of soldiers from his own unit, in what the Times described as an attempt to blow the whistle on a breakdown of command discipline. The photographs are not new; they’re from 2010. Two years after the pictures were taken — and only because they were published by LA Times — the Army is only now investigating the incident. The military was quick to condemn the actions shown in the photos. “This behavior and these images are entirely inconsistent with the values of ISAF and all service members of the fifty ISAF countries serving in Afghanistan,” said the war’s commander, Gen. John Allen, using the acronym for the NATO mission he leads. “Anyone found responsible for this inhuman conduct will be held accountable in accordance with our military justice system,” added George Little, the chief spokesman for Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. [WiredDangerRoom/Spencer Ackerman/18 Apr 2012]

It’s Mitt’s time!The Romneys display a remarkable sense of entitlement in their latest media blitz: I found Ann Romney calling the Hilary Rosen controversy “a birthday present” a little odd. The outrage machine ginned up the culture war to defend Ann’s “choice” to stay at home, but she’s telling us she enjoyed it? She wasn’t really hurt and offended? If the president had declared a “war on moms,” as Republicans claimed, could she really experience that as “a birthday present”? Is it really all about Ann?

On “The Ed Show” last night I said it revealed Ann Romney’s sense of entitlement, that she would call such apoplexy “a birthday present.” But I hadn’t even heard the most entitled part of her interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, in which she exclaims, “It’s Mitt’s time. It’s our turn now.” In the same interview, her husband told Obama to “start packing,” rather presumptuously (who orders around the president?), but Ann Romney declaring “It’s our turn now” is even worse. Ann, the voters will decide that. Don’t order the car elevator for the White House quite yet. [salon/Joan Walsh/17 Apr 2012]

ROMNEY LIES: Claims John Kerry Released 2 Years Of Tax Returns But Kerry Actually Released 20

Ann Romney, Human Shield: First Mitt Romney used his wife to justify some pretty nasty attacks on President Obama. Now Mitt Romney is using his wife to explain away why Mitt used to strap his dog to the roof of the car during family vacations….What’s sexist is using your wife as a political human shield because you’re unable, unwilling, or simply afraid to run for president on your own two feet. [americablog/17 Apr 2012]

Two To Wango Tango: Mitt Romney Sought Ted Nugent’s Endorsement, Should Answer For It: Romney shouldn’t have to answer for every idiotic thing ever said by a conservative, if only due to time constraints. However, it is fair to ask him if he agrees with those whose endorsements he has actively sought, such as oral diarrheac Ted Nugent. [mediaite/Tommy Christopher/17 Apr 2012]

Romney supporter Nugent now calls Pelosi “sub-human,” DNC chair Wasserman “brain-dead idiot”: And Mitt Romney wonders why he has a problem with women. And not a word from Mitt Romney himself. Though the Romney family had a lot to say about the supposed slight they took from Democratic operative Hilary Rosen last week. Now, faced with their own big-name supporter who has made violence-tinged comments about the President of the United States, and even about Hillary Clinton - a supporter about whom numerous members of the Romney family recently vocally embraced - the Romney family suddenly grows silent. Where is Mitt Romney’s outrage over Ted Nugent?  Or do the Romneys think Ted Nugent’s comments are a “gift” too. [28AMERICAblog/John Aravosis/18 Apr 2012]

Despite a Secret Service investigation, Mitt Romney supporter Ted Nugent said he is not backing down from his perceived threat against President Obama at the National Rifle Association last weekend. “I spoke at the NRA and I will stand by my speech. It was 100 percent positive,” Nugent said on Dana Loesch’s radio show yesterday of what many considered a reference to an assassination attempt. [thinkprogress/18 Apr 2012]

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