About that eliminationist attack ad

Thought the eliminationalism from the last Obama election was bad? It’s going to get worse. Someone in the campaign apparently was worried enough by this stupid, and dangerous, attack that they sought to deliver the package to the New York Times in an effort to scuttle it before it got off the ground. And it did look like it would get off the ground. Make no mistake, this is a slick endeavor, already in place. There’s no way Romney didn’t know about it.

In addition to reading the New York Times post, I also took a read through the pamphlet itself, and it makes for some interesting reading. Some notes below:

Page 1


It probably would have been enough to leave it as “end his spending”, but it wasn’t left there. To do something “for good” is more permanent. Right from page one, we’ve got eliminationalist rhetoric.

Page 4


Page 6


From pages 4 and 6 – where’s it’s not enough to swipe at Obama, but McCain – a man who refused to allow the type of eliminationist rhetoric to be used to his great credit.

Page 8


This was the first clip from this effort that leapt out at me. In the charged atmosphere of eliminationalism, it can’t be stressed enough how serious it is to invoke the name of an assassinated president. To some, they might be wondering what the hell to make of such a reference but make no mistake: those filled with hate on the right know EXACTLY what is being referenced here. That Obama is “metrosexual” etc, is just another bone to throw, a way to say “he’s not like us”.

Page 11


When added to the “Abe Lincoln” quote, “locked, loaded and ready” becomes far more serious. This is talking to that same section of the right wing that shoots people dead that it doesn’t agree with.

Page 13


“Right between the eyes” continues in this line.

Also from page 13


“Barrage”, at the Democratic Convention in Charlotte. Another militaristic term involving gunfire. In and of itself, it might seem like nothing, as barrage is a common term, but in light of the eliminationalist rhetoric so far, it would be foolish to think this wasn’t another purposeful insertion of a dangerous term.

Page 14


As with “for good”, “demise” is an interesting choice of term, one with finality.

Page 17


This is important. This goes beyond stating something that happened – even if it only happened in the fevered minds of the hateful right. They don’t have the footage, but they’re willing to doctor it up, to lie outright. And call it “Character Matters”.

Page 28


I would think that a lot on the right would prefer to avoid making this sort of reference, given how many right wing Christians were willing to blame American LGBT people, feminists, pagans and anyone else they didn’t like for 911, Katrina and any number of catastrophes that have befallen the country. Perhaps this is more a problem of religion than politics and these guys shouldn’t throw stones?

Page 45


I don’t even know what to say about this. Is it merely childish?

Page 46


Here it gets interesting. “Preliminary approval” was already granted, in a New York meeting. Who attended that meeting? What were those “highly confidential terms”? Who were the “proposed team members”? And where does Romney himself fall in all this? Was he the one to give final approval?

Page 41


And page 49


Of course, the African-American spokesmen they would have used to hide their racist attempts wasn’t going to work for free.


If this ad attempt had aired, it would have backfired, much like Sarah Palin’s “crosshairs” ads backfired. It wouldn’t have played to the wider audience, who would be appalled, but it would play to that certain section of the right wing that has apparently lost what’s left of their faculties. It would have spoken to them and, much like Palin’s ad, could have even spurred them to action, perhaps at the Charlotte Convention.

Romney may have been forced to repudiate this but that’s because he got caught. If it hadn’t been leaked to the press, I believe he would have gone ahead with it.


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