Hatred and Stupidity Go Hand in Hand [Shorter Question Everything]

Stupid actions are the real test by which to measure the right wingers in US govt.

Iowa’s Shame:

Classy with several K’s as ever Steve King: Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, compared immigrants to dogs at a town hall meeting yesterday, telling constituents that the U.S. should pick only the best immigrants the way one chooses the “pick of the litter.”
…First dogs, now immigrants are cattle
…I am starting to sense an ever more disturbed theme: [King] compared undocumented immigrants to cockroaches… [firedoglake/Attaturk/23 May 2012]

• Dan Savages Announces Proposed Details For Debate With NOM’s Brian Brown [Brian Brown has yet to respond.]

• North Carolina Anti-Gay Pastor In 1978: Gays Used To Be ‘Hung, Bless God, From A White Oak Tree

• ‘Young Black Thugs’ Need To Be ‘Put Down Like The Dogs They Are,’ Says Louisiana School Psychologist (Updated)

• “Recently the Catholic bishops have been talking about this as if it’s a primarily religious freedom issue.” She continued, “Sometimes what gets lost is it’s also an access-to-care issue for women and also that women have the right to have the care they receive match their own values,” adding, “And if they’re getting their treatment in a hospital that has strict policies, the hospital’s values may trump theirs”

• As school budgets are cut, disabled students are being handed over to police for behavioral infractions — and handcuffs are just the beginning of what they’re forced to endure.

Romney Education Adviser and His Dropout Scandal:

With President Barack Obama on a tear in recent weeks to keep interest rates on college loans low—an issue that plays well with young voters—Mitt Romney, the presumptive GOP nominee, on Tuesday unveiled his Education Policy Advisory Group. It features at least ten education experts who served during the George W. Bush administration, most notably Rod Paige, who was education secretary during Bush’s first term. The short bio of Paige released by the Romney campaign states that he once was superintendent of Houston’s schools. But it fails to mention that Paige, once he was in Bush’s cabinet, became mired in an ugly scandal, when the news broke that the Houston school system, the seventh largest in the nation, had falsified its dropout stats during Paige’s tenure. [Mother Jones Online/David Corn/22 May 2012]

10 Dumbest Members of Congress

Two GOP Congressmen Propose Real Bill To Fight Fake United Nations Guns Treaty:

For at least the last two years, far right groups have opposed an imaginary treaty which, in the words of the John Birch Society, would “cede control of private Americans’ small arms ownership and use to the United Nations.” This treaty does not exist. Snopes described reports of such a treaty as “scarelore.” ThinkProgress debunked Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) attempt to fundraise off this imaginary treaty more than a year ago. PolitiFact rejected claims that any UN treaty will limit Second Amendment rights as recently as last week.
So, of course, two GOP Congressmen have introduced legislation to block this imaginary treaty. [thinkprogress/Ian Millhiser/22 May 2012]

Hawaii Verifies Obama’s Birth For Arizona Secretary Of State :

A Hawaii official announced late Tuesday that the state gave Arizona’s top elections official the verification he wanted showing President Barack Obama was indeed born there in 1961.
The announcement came just hours after Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett backed away from his threats to keep Obama off the November ballot and apologized for embarrassing his own state with a conspiracy theory-fueled investigation into whether the president was really a natural born U.S. citizen. [talkingpointsmemo//22 May 2012]

• In case there was any doubt about it before: The man in charge of running Arizona’s elections has no plans to investigate Mitt Romney’s birth certificate the way he’s been looking into President Obama’s.

• Perhaps feeling the pain of another Arizona official grabbing the birther spotlight, Sheriff Joe Arpaio dispatched a deputy and a member of his volunteer posse to the Hawaii Department of Health on Monday seeking Obama’s birth certificate.

What about the persistent rumors that Mitt Romney is in fact, a unicorn?:

There has never been a conclusive DNA test proving that Mitt Romney is not a unicorn. We have never seen him without his hair — hair that could be covering up a horn.
No, we cannot prove it. But we cannot prove that it is not the case. And if Mitt Romney is or may be a unicorn, he is not Constitutionally qualified to be president.
1,200 emails were enough to get Bennett to launch an “investigation” of the president’s birth, and come out with this statement. So 1,200 messages to him regarding unicorn Romney should be enough for him to launch an investigation on that front as well. [leftaction/22 May 2012]

• Mitt Romney is confirmed to speak at Ralph Reed’s 2012 Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference & Strategy Briefing.

No Hole Card:

You have to step back for a moment to grasp the sheer preposterousness of the suggestion that Mitt Romney’s time at Bain Capital might really be off-limits in the presidential campaign.
Think about it. Romney’s presidential campaign, in the sense of his case for himself, is almost entirely based on his experience at Bain Capital. You hear extremely little from Romney about his tenure as Governor of Massachusetts. Rather, his case for himself is that he’s a seasoned manager and knows the private sector — both of which he has a pretty strong case for. But his entire private sector career was at Bain Capital. So how exactly can that possibly be off-limits. Romney hasn’t just raised the issue; it’s his entire campaign. [talkingpointsmemo/Josh Marshall/22 May 2012]

• GOP ‘Appalled’ Over Obama Granting Castro’s Daughter Visa, Ignores Trips Under Bush – If it’s “longstanding U.S. foreign policy” to deny Mariela Castro a visa to enter the U.S., someone forgot to tell President George W. Bush. The Bush administration granted Castro not one but three visas to enter the U.S. in 2001 and 2002.

Senior Admin Officials: Debt Limit Brinksmanship Is Political Suicide … For Republicans:

Ever since House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) signaled a return to debt limit brinksmanship this coming winter, White House officials have been adamant that the administration’s not going to countenance a repeat of last August.
“[W]e’re not going to recreate the debt ceiling debacle of last August,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney insisted from the podium last week. “It is simply not acceptable to hold the American and global economy hostage to one party’s political ideology. It is the responsibility of Congress to ensure that the United States of America pays its bills, that it maintains its creditworthiness, that it fulfills its obligation and maintains the full faith and credit that it has long enjoyed.” [talkingpointsmemo/23 May 2012]

Updated: Scott Walker and Cronies Prove No Low is Too Low:

That image is of a full-page newspaper ad taken out in the Janesville Gazette, the local newspaper in Paul Ryan’s district. What it is, is thuggery in typeset letters. The names you can’t read in the image are the names of teachers in Janesville who signed the petition to recall Scott Walker. Next to their names, is their salary. At the bottom of the ad, there is a space to sign to “opt-out” of any teacher’s classroom who signed the petition.
Update: It turns out that the Janesville Gazette did not publish this. The people responsible for this actually printed it and added it to the “tube”, a container where papers are put for subscribers to retrieve. The Janesville Gazette is unhappy about this, to say the least. [crooksandliars/karoli/22 May 2012]

U.N. Nuclear Chief: Deal Reached To Allow Inspectors Access To Suspected Iranian Nuclear Weapons Sites:

In an announcement that could signal a breakthrough in resolving suspicions over Iran’s nuclear program, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Chief Yukiya Amano announced today that a deal has been reached allowing IAEA inspectors to restart a long-stalled probe into Iran’s nuclear facilities.
Amano, whose announcement comes a day before Iran and the P5+1 begin talks in Baghdad over Iran’s disputed uranium enrichment, is understood to have secured IAEA inspectors access to the Parchin military complex, where the agency believes Iran tested a nuclear weapon triggering device nine years. Iran has dismissed those claims and denied inspectors access, telling the IAEA that the military complex was sufficiently inspected by the agency in 2005.
Amano acknowledged that “some differences” remain with Iranian chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili but that the “decision was made to conclude and sign the agreement.”
The agreement is likely to influence the upcoming negotiations in Baghdad at which Iran is expected to seek an easing of economic sanctions — including an embargo on oil deals starting July 1 and new banking restrictions. [thinkprogress/Eli Clifton/22 may 2012]

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