Daily Archives: January 5, 2013

It’s all happening in Canada!

Okay, maybe not all of it. There’s still enough stuff happening everywhere else but today at least, Canada tops it all.

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Espionage, Canadian-style: Canada’s biggest spy case since the Cold War not the stuff of thriller novels

As a Canadian naval intelligence officer with a Level 3-Top Secret clearance, Delisle had access to the files of CSIS, the CIA, FBI, British and Australians. As a Russian spy, he leaked them monthly to Moscow.

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Secret US cybersecurity program to protect power grid confirmed

The National Security Agency is spearheading a program, dubbed Perfect Citizen, to develop technology to protect the power grid from cyberattack. The project worries privacy rights groups.

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Study: Vaporized, Low-Potency Cannabis Reduces Problematic Nerve Pain

Amid record levels of overdose rates for prescription pain, a study that finds that marijuana reduces neuropathic pain.

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