Govt small enough to fit in your uterus

Shorter Question Everything

• Wendy Davis: Texas GOP anti-abortion law is ‘big government intrusion’. “What’s offensive to me is, he’s made this very personal to Texans overall,” Davis told ABC News interviewer Jake Zeleny in video released on Saturday. “He’s awfully fond of talking the talk of small government, but this is big government intrusion, and it’s very unfortunate and sad that people’s personal health and safety are at risk for his political purposes.”


Guardian/Observer Publishes, Then Pulls New NSA Bombshell Story Featuring Birther Wayne Madsen. Wow, a massive fail by the Guardian/Observer tonight, as their latest BREAKING BOMBSHELL story on NSA spying features Birther (and all-around tin foil hat conspiracy theorist) Wayne Madsen: Revealed: Secret European Deals to Hand Over Private Data to America | World News | the Observer. The article’s been pulled down now.

Ecuador: President Rafael Correa of Ecuador said Saturday that Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. had asked him in a telephone call not to grant asylum to Edward J. Snowden, the fugitive former security contractor wanted in the United States.

Hateful idiots

• Sarah Palin welcomed herself back to Fox News today with an ugly racist rant that culminated with her breaking out Jim Crow stereotypes and calling President Obama lackadaisical. The stereotype of the lackadaisical African-American goes back to slavery and Jim Crow. According to the 1937 book Class and Caste in a Southern Town, “It is a common error in judging lower class Negroes to compare them unfavorably with foreign immigrants, stressing the lackadaisical Negro work habits, and referring to the energy and zeal for advancement of a foreign peasantry.” Author Mariann S. Regan explained that lackadaisical is part of the South’s history racist terminology used to describe African-Americans, “In the light of my family memoir Into the Briar Patch, I can see how this stereotype was born during slavery and Jim Crow. Growing up, I learned that the South’s rich vocabulary for laziness was often applied to African-Americans: shiftless, no-account, trifling, good-for-nothing, lackadaisical, half-hearted, slow as molasses. In the South, slaves labored in the fields from sunup to sundown. Yet somehow the blacks were the ones who got called lazy.”

Prop 8: Opponents of same-sex marriage in California went back to the U.S. Supreme Court Saturday to try to stop an appellate ruling opening the way for gays to marry. The Proposition 8 Legal Defense Fund said in a release issued in Sacramento it had filed an emergency petition with the nation’s highest court requesting it stop what it called the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeal’s premature move to require same-sex marriage licenses in California weeks before the Supreme Court’s decision even goes into effect.

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