There’s more to the NSA/Verizon wiretaps?

Shorter Question Everything

• Yes, its true that Greenwald reported that it was Verizon’s records that were subpoenaed. But if you look at the actual document, it was Verizon Business Network Services that was covered under the subpoena – not Verizon Communications. I haven’t read every report on this story, but so far the New York Times seems to be the only one reporting on this distinction. Verizon Business Network Services is one of the nation’s largest telecommunications and Internet providers for corporations. This likely requires some further investigation – but it should put to rest any idea that the administration is looking into the Verizon call records of every American.

Coincidence? Everyone’s reading Glenn Greenwald and Spencer Ackerman’s big scoop on the secret court order compelling Verizon to turn over to the NSA basically all its call record data – so not what was said but times of calls, caller and callee, locations and various other metadata of that sort. Here’s what jumped out at me. The order comes immediately after the Boston Marathon bombing.

NSA is collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers under secret court order: report. The U.S. National Security Agency is collecting telephone records of millions of Verizon Communications customers, according to a secret court order obtained and published by the Guardian newspaper’s website. The order marked “Top Secret” and issued by the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court directs Verizon’s Business Network Services Inc and Verizon Business Services units to hand over electronic data including all calling records on an “ongoing, daily basis” until the order expires on July 19, 2013. Signed by Judge Roger Vinson at the request of the FBI, the order covers each phone number dialed by all customers and location and routing data, along with the duration and frequency of the calls, but not the contents of the communications. [The order can be seen at: ]

‘Fox and Friends’ suddenly against wiretapping they supported under Bush.

Rape culture

Chambliss doesn’t think much of men either: On Tuesday, Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) helpfully explained that young men are so hormonally driven that they can’t act rationally.

McCaskill Slams General Who Overturned Sexual Assault Conviction. During this Tuesday’s Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on sexual assault in the military, Sen. Claire McCaskill excoriated the Air Force general who overturned a sexual assault conviction as a “poster case of a lack of training and understanding of sexual assault.” McCaskill referred to a letter of explanation written by an Air Force general who set aside the sexual assault conviction of a fellow F-16 pilot. “It was astoundingly ignorant,” McCaskill said. “He opened it by saying she (the victim) didn’t get a ride home when she had the chance. Are you frickin’ kidding me? That that is somehow relevant to whether or not he crawled in bed with her and tried to have sex with her? … I recommend his letter to you as a poster case of a lack of training and understanding of sexual assault.”

Right wing asshats

• Shortly after Darrell Issa dubbed Jay Carney a “paid liar” on CNN last Sunday, House Republican leadership staffers called the California Republican’s aides with a message: Cool it. Issa’s aides promptly responded: The remark was over the top, they agreed, according to sources familiar with the interaction.

Protestor: “I feel like [these Muslims] are attempting to intimidate people with the freedom of speech and that bothers me.”

Ten Things You Should Know About The Federal Judge Accused Of Racism. Earlier this week, several civil rights groups filed an official complaint against Judge Edith Jones, a former chief judge of the powerful United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, alleging that she claimed that African-Americans and Hispanics are predisposed towards violent crime and that the death penalty is a public service because it allows inmates to “make peace with God.” Though these allegations will need to be proven during the formal ethics process, they are entirely in line with Jones’ past record. Here are some other facts you should know about Judge Edith Jones.

House Republicans Push For Another Military ‘License To Discriminate’. Once again, Republican lawmakers are trying to use the National Defense Authorization Act as an opportunity to enshrine a “license to discriminate” in the military. Last year, a watered-down version of previous “conscience clause” proposals was included in the bill, which President Obama condemned as “unnecessary and ill-advised.” The new proposal would make it easier for servicemembers to get away with anti-gay bullying, regardless of what impact it might have on unit cohesion. The House Armed Services Committee voted 33-26 to approve Fleming’s amendment.

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