Bachmann is foolish. Again.

Shorter Question Everything

Bachmann is foolish. Again. Of that there’s no doubt but in her latest calls to ‘spank the president‘ and ‘pin his ears back’, she’s also saying that the president is a child. Is a ‘boy’, a term fraught with racial meaning in the US. She’s foolish but she sure as hell is not funny.

About that book

When was that deal made? B37 – Juror on George Zimmerman trial to write a book.

• The larger issue is when B37 decided she had the material for a book on her hands, and how it might have affected her approach to the trial and her influence on other jurors.

• One of the six jurors in the George Zimmerman trial has abandoned her plans to write a book explaining why she found him not guilty of murder in the shooting of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin, her literary agent said on Monday. Unidentified juror B37 had signed with Martin Literary Management, an agency based in Mercer Island, Washington, the firm’s president, Sharlene Martin, said in a statement on Monday. The juror had planned to write the book with her husband, who is an attorney, explaining how the jury had “no option” but to find Zimmerman not guilty, but she subsequently decided not to proceed with publication, Martin added later. The juror did not spell out the reasons for her change of heart but said her isolation in the jury room meant she had not been fully aware of the outrage over the case. [Or could it be that she would be named? Could it be that people would wonder whether she had planned the book all along and wonder when exactly she made that deal?]

• The issue today is that most racism doesn’t depend on hate – but indifference. We are indifferent to the lives and perspectives of people who are not like us. That’s what allows jurors to see things from George Zimmerman’s perspective but not from Trayvon’s. There is no empathy for the black person’s plight. A “good heart” that displays concern for people like us and indifference for anyone not like us is the definition of racism today.

Trayvon Martin

• EXCLUSIVE: Fox News Signs George Zimmerman As Host: “Stand Your Ground” Premieres This Fall. Now that the jury has delivered a “not guilty” verdict for teen stalker/killer George Zimmerman, Fox News has taken a bold move to extend the ratings bonanza of the trial into the fall television season. Sources inside Fox News have confirmed that Zimmerman has agreed to host a nightly crime and social affairs program on the network that is set to premiere in October 2013. The controversial signing is consistent with Fox’s programming philosophy of exploiting the transient publicity of media spectacles by drafting the beneficiaries of inordinate press attention, despite a lack of experience or qualifications – e.g. Sarah Palin. The preliminary format for the Zimmerman program is said to consist of segments analyzing breaking crime dramas such as murderous spouses, kidnapped sorority girls, celebrity arrests, high-speed police chases, and any stray rumors involving presidential sex scandals. Fox News contributor, and noted racist ex-cop, Mark Fuhrman, will have a regular spot on the panel segment to offer his expertise in undermining criminal prosecutions with racial epithets. In that respect Fuhrman, who famously extolled the virtues of the “N” word, shares common ground with Zimmerman who regards innocent black teenagers walking through his neighborhood as “fucking punks.”

Amanda Marcotte: I’ve been thinking about it a lot, because as a woman, being followed by creepy dudes who clearly have bad intentions in their cars while I’m out walking and minding my own business is something I’ve experienced probably a dozen times in my life. Unsurprisingly, Rachel Jeantel—who was on the phone with Martin when Zimmerman began to follow him—had the threat of rape pop into her head and made a crack about it to Martin before telling him to run. A lot of scary things go through your head when this happens to you: You worry that if he catches up to you, he’ll overpower you. You worry that you won’t be able to fight him off. You worry about how violent he intends to get with you.But you know what I never worried about? That if I defended myself, he would have an excuse to shoot me dead and that cops would shrug it off and not bother to contact my family.

The Zimmerman Jury Told Young Black Men What We Already Knew. Tonight a Florida man’s acquittal for hunting and killing a black teenager who was armed with only a bag of candy serves as a Rorschach test for the American public. For conservatives, it’s a triumph of permissive gun laws and a victory over the liberal media, which had been unfairly rooting for the dead kid all along. For liberals, it’s a tragic and glaring example of the gaps that plague our criminal justice system. For people of color, it’s a vivid reminder that we must always be deferential to white people, or face the very real chance of getting killed.

Black boys in this country are not allowed to be children. They are assumed to be men, and to be full of menace. I don’t know if the jury, which included no African Americans, consciously or unconsciously bought into this racist way of thinking — there’s really no other word. But it hardly matters, because police and prosecutors initially did. The assumption underlying their ho-hum approach to the case was that Zimmerman had the right to self-defense but Martin — young, male, black — did not. The assumption was that Zimmerman would fear for his life in a hand-to-hand struggle but Martin — young, male, black — would not. Trayvon Martin was fighting more than George Zimmerman that night. He was up against prejudices as old as American history, and he never had a chance.

Zimmerman juror: A member of the jury in George Zimmerman’s second-degree murder trial spoke publicly for the first time Monday night, saying that only three of six jurors thought Zimmerman should be acquitted when deliberations began – and they all cried when it was over. Two members of the all-female jury believed Zimmerman was guilty of manslaughter, while one felt he was guilty of second-degree murder, the woman said on CNN. The jury ultimately found Zimmerman not guilty. Juror B37, whose image was obscured during the interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, said she believes the neighborhood watch volunteer was well intentioned but became overzealous because of a string of break-ins in his Sanford, Fla. neighborhood. The woman said Zimmerman “shouldn’t have gotten out of that car” during his phone call with a police dispatcher when he initially reported that Trayvon Martin was in his neighborhood.

The Slave Patrol Is Alive and Well in Florida. George Zimmerman kept close watch over his neighborhood. When Black men walked or even drove through the area, he alerted the police, over and over and over again. Finally, exasperated that “they always” got away, he went out on a rainy night armed with a loaded gun and the Stand Your Ground law, looking for anybody who should not be in his largely White neighborhood. The South has a long history of this sort of thing. Today they’re called Neighborhood Watches. They used to be called Slave Patrols.

• Funny how I don’t remember anyone from the NRA ever saying, “if only Trayvon Martin had been carrying a gun … .” I guess only a good guy with a gun can stop a black teenager with a bag of Skittles.


PROMIS raises its head again

Your Computer May Already be Hacked — NSA Inside?. In Russia, President Putin’s office just stopped using PC’s and switched to typewriters.  What do they know what we don’t? Perhaps it’s  Intel  NSA inside.

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Ex-Shin Bet chief blasts Netanyahu in West Bank. As John Kerry struggles to breathe life into an expiring Mideast peace process, Yuval Diskin, former head of Israel’s internal security service, has publicly chastised Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for failing to make a real effort to secure an agreement with the Palestinians. In a remarkable, hard-hitting analysis published by The Jerusalem Post, Diskin, a longtime critic of Netanyahu’s policies and an influential figure in Israel’s security establishment, warned that the Jewish state is fast approaching “a point of no return” that will inevitably lead to disaster.

Israeli strike on Syria was carried out from Turkish base. Israel used a Turkish military base to launch one of its recent airstrikes against Syria from the sea, a reliable source told RT. Israel has been under scrutiny since last week, when it was reported to be responsible for a July 5 depot attack in Latakia. News that Turkey assisted Israel in attacking another Muslim state could result in serious turmoil for Ankara, once the information is confirmed. Turkey has denied that Israel has used its base to strike Syria.

In other news

Russians block Antarctic ocean sanctuary. Russia on Tuesday blocked attempts by Western countries to create the world’s largest ocean sanctuary off Antarctica, green groups said. The Russian representative questioned the legal right of a meeting in Bremerhaven, northern Germany, to declare such a haven, according to organisations at the talks.

Enemy lists: Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office asked staff to include a list of “friend and enemy stakeholders” in their transition binders for new ministers appointed in Monday’s cabinet shuffle, according to a leaked email. The email, obtained by several media outlets, was sent July 4 by Erica Furtado in the Prime Minister’s Office and shows a checklist for what should be in the transition binders. “Who to avoid: bureaucrats that can’t take no (or yes) for an answer” is on the list, as well as “Who to engage or avoid: friend and enemy stakeholders.” The request for a list of problematic bureaucrats was subsequently dropped according to the email, posted online by Global News. Global reported that when some staff balked at the idea of coming up with the blacklists, they were cut off from further communications about the matter.

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