Egypt: military ultimatum almost reached

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Egypt‘s army commanders are holding crisis talks in Cairo as the deadline they set for President Mohammed Morsi to respond to deadly protests looms. Mr Morsi has rejected the ultimatum that he should “meet the demands of the people” or face military intervention. He insists he is Egypt’s legitimate leader and will not resign. The army has given a deadline of about 16:30 local time (14:30 GMT) on Wednesday for the crisis to be dealt with. In a statement, it said: “We swear to God that we will sacrifice even our blood for Egypt and its people, to defend them against any terrorist, radical or fool.”The army has given a deadline of about 16:30 local time (14:30 GMT) on Wednesday for the crisis to be dealt with. In a statement, it said: “We swear to God that we will sacrifice even our blood for Egypt and its people, to defend them against any terrorist, radical or fool.”

Egypt: At least 16 people were killed and about 200 injured in clashes with security forces at Cairo University overnight, the Ministry of Health said. Millions have taken to the streets in recent days with opposition protesters seeking Morsi’s ouster at times clashing with supporters of Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood and security forces. At least 16 were killed and hundreds were injured during massive weekend demonstrations marking one year since Morsi’s election.


Snowden: Snowden is no Ellsberg, who stayed in the US to face the consequences of his actions. By running into the hands of Russia of all places, Snowden doesn’t deserve the hero title for what he’s done.

Snowden: Applied for asylum in 21 countries. India, Poland, and the Netherlands have all rejected Snowden’s requests. A number of countries, including Austria, Iceland, and Spain said they could not consider the bids because they were not filed from inside their countries. And a spokesman for Putin said Snowden has decided to drop his petition with Russia altogether after authorities there said he must stop releasing information about America’s surveillance programs. A small international drama played out on Tuesday evening when Bolivian President Evo Morales’ plane was rerouted because of suspicions that Snowden might be aboard. Morales had been in Moscow to attend a conference of gas-exporting countries. The flight was rerouted to Austria; France and Portugal denied the flight permission to cross their airspace. There was no evidence that the U.S. had intervened. And a senior official told NBC News’ Pete Williams that as of Tuesday night, there was no indication that Snowden was anywhere but still in Moscow.

Der Spiegel: Snowden Released Information That Could “Endanger the Lives of NSA Workers”: “SPIEGEL has decided not to publish details it has seen about secret operations that could endanger the lives of NSA workers.” Kudos to Der Spiegel’s editors for deciding to be responsible, but of course since the documents are out there now, and obviously in the hands of lots of people, that information will inevitably bubble up somewhere on the Interwebs. The interesting thing, though, is that both Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden are on the record saying that Snowden had carefully “screened” and “vetted” the information before releasing it to Greenwald (and apparently the Washington Post, although it’s not clear at this point if the Post got the full package of documents). It now looks as if Snowden simply grabbed everything he could get, and dumped it all to several sources, very probably including China and Russia.

Bolivia‘s president left Europe for home on Wednesday amid diplomatic drama, a day after his flight was rerouted and delayed in Austria amid suggestions that he was trying to spirit NSA leaker Edward Snowden to Latin America.

What Greenwald shares in common with the GOP. Yes. Glenn Greenwald is so desperate for attention on the NSA story that he actually appeared this morning on Fox and Friends. But really…should that surprise any of us? They actually share a lot in common. And its more than just their Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS).


BC Canada Day bomb plot: A British Columbia man and woman are charged with conspiring to carry out a terrorist attack after police say explosive devices were placed outside the province’s legislature on Canada Day, where thousands were gathered for the national holiday. The RCMP alleges the pair conspired to detonate explosive devices, which were made out of pressure cookers, outside the B.C. legislature in Victoria. John Nuttall, born in 1974, and Amanda Korody, born in 1983, are charged with conspiring to place an explosive in a place of public use with the intent to cause death or serious bodily injury, knowingly facilitating a terrorist activity and being in possession of an explosive device. The RCMP said the pair was inspired by “al Qaeda ideology,” but added that the threat was domestic and did not have any international links. Charges are related to an investigation dubbed Project Souvenir, which launched in February based on information from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

Rob Ford: Judge raps Crown over stringing out release of docs linked to ‘crack video’. A judge has given justice officials until late next month to provide media lawyers with access to a sealed search warrant police used in raiding homes associated with a video purportedly showing Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine. In his ruling Tuesday, Ontario court judge Philip Downes criticized the Crown for attempting to string out the process. “In my view, the Crown’s position is unjustified and unreasonable,” Downes said in his decision. “The Crown’s position is not compatible with the presumption that judicial proceedings are open and public.”

Reproductive Rights

Forced birth: Celebrating freedom? In five states, the government can force a woman to give birth against her will. This week, Americans will celebrate the Declaration of Independence and recognize their nation’s growth from a rebellious colony to a fifty-state global superpower. But in five of these fifty states, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness were curtailed for many people this week as their state governments enacted new restrictions on abortion access.

The scent of desperation: As we watch the Republicans in states like North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Virginia and Texas attempt to pass draconian bills affecting things like women’s right to chose and citizen’s access to the ballot, I can’t help but say that I smell a sense of desperation. Its almost as if they know they are a dying beast and are in a hurry to do as much damage as possible prior to their demise.

In other news

Tesla: Electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors wants to sell its prized Model S in as many places as it can, but a complex web of state laws made to protect local car dealerships is putting the brakes on their plans. [Lawrence O'Donnell] “Think about how crazy that is,” said Lawrence O’Donnell in his Rewrite on Tuesday. “Think about it while holding your phone. Here’s an iPhone. You can buy it directly from the manufacturer, Apple. You can do that online at Apple’s website or you can walk into one of Apple’s beautiful stores, palaces of electronic temptation, and buy one over the counter, and chat up a Genius while you’re at it. Or you can buy one at Best Buy or all sorts of independent stores and online vendors. There’s no limit to how many different ways you can legally buy a new iPhone in this country. That’s the American way. Except when it comes to cars.” Public frustration with Tesla’s struggles has found an outlet on the White House’s website, where a petition was started to “allow Tesla Motors to sell directly to consumers in all 50 states.” As of Tuesday, the petition exceeded the 100,000 vote threshold required to get a response from the White House.

China, Russia to hold joint military drills. China and Russia will hold two joint military drills in the coming two months, military officials from both countries said here Monday. Fang Fenghui, chief of the General Staff of the Chinese People’ s Liberation Army (PLA), together with his Russian counterpart Valery Gerasimov, ratified relevant documents and announced the decision at a joint press conference. Fang, who is also a member of the Central Military Commission, is paying an official visit to Russia. According to the two officials, Chinese and Russian armed forces will hold “Joint Sea-2013″ drill in Peter the Great Bay, Sea of Japan from July 5 to July 12, and China-Russia joint anti- terrorism military drill code-named Peace Mission-2013 in Russia’s Chelyabinsk from July 27 to August 15. The joint drills are not targeting any third party, and meant to strengthen cooperation between the two armed forces in military training, enhance their capability in coordinating military operations, so that they can play a positive role in safeguarding regional security and stability, Fang said.

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