Pres Obama comes out against breed-specific laws

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This is a good step. It’s not the dogs that are the problem; it’s the people that own them. Also, Tucker Carlson is running a shoddy operation – if that was something you didn’t already know.


Obama Comes Out Against Dog Breed-Specific Legislation, Joins The Fight For Pit Bulls: Not only did the Obama family introduce Sunny the puppy to her adoring country, but the White House also came out against breed-specific legislation — regulations and laws that restrict ownership of dogs by breed, pit bulls being the most common target. Groups like the American Bar Association have said for years that these sorts of restrictions do harm — to families, to dogs, to due process and to the economy — without actually improving public safety. Based on a statement that the White House put out about a week ago, it would seem that Obama agrees. “Breed-Specific Legislation Is a Bad Idea” begins the White House’s official response to an online petition, signed by more than 30,000 people, asking for laws that target dogs by breed to be outlawed at a federal level.

Here’s the White House’s full statement:

We don’t support breed-specific legislation — research shows that bans on certain types of dogs are largely ineffective and often a waste of public resources.

In 2000, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention looked at twenty years of data about dog bites and human fatalities in the United States. They found that fatal attacks represent a very small proportion of dog bite injuries to people and that it’s virtually impossible to calculate bite rates for specific breeds.

The CDC also noted that the types of people who look to exploit dogs aren’t deterred by breed regulations — when their communities establish a ban, these people just seek out new, unregulated breeds. And the simple fact is that dogs of any breed can become dangerous when they’re intentionally or unintentionally raised to be aggressive.

For all those reasons, the CDC officially recommends against breed-specific legislation — which they call inappropriate. You can read more from them here.

As an alternative to breed-specific policies, the CDC recommends a community-based approach to prevent dog bites. And ultimately, we think that’s a much more promising way to build stronger communities of pets and pet owners.

The Terrible Obama Black Dog Conspiracy: Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller spilled the beans. “With the addition of Sunny, the Obamas now have two black Portuguese water dogs. The Obamas do not have any white dogs.

In other news

Bradley Manning Sentenced To 35 Years In Prison For Leaking U.S. Secrets To WikiLeaks: Army Pfc. Bradley Manning was sentenced Wednesday to 35 years in prison for giving hundreds of thousands of secret military and diplomatic documents to WikiLeaks in one of the nation’s biggest leak cases since the Pentagon Papers more than a generation ago. Manning could have gotten 90 years behind bars. Prosecutors asked for at least 60 years as a warning to other soldiers, while Manning’s lawyer suggested he get no more than 25, because some of the documents he leaked will be declassified by then. Manning will get credit for the more than three years he has been held, but he’ll have to serve at least one-third of his sentence before he is eligible for parole.

Quebec: According to press reports, Quebec’s separatist government is preparing to table its controversial “Charter of Quebec Values,” legislation that would ban most religious symbols from public institutions, and from the bodies of the workers who staff them. In particular, public employees will not be permitted to wear hijabs, kippas, turbans and “ostentatious crucifixes” in public institutions. Yet the crucifix behind the speaker’s throne in Quebec’s National Assembly, which seems as ostentatious as any, will be exempt from the new rules. So, too, will the cross atop Mount Royal in Montreal. Those crosses, according to the Parti Québécois, are symbols of Quebec’s “heritage” — which is another way of saying that, in Quebec, some religions are more valued than others. The legislation has been anticipated since Premier Pauline Marois announced her party’s plan to crack down on “conspicuous religious symbols” this time last year. At the time, Ms. Marois distinguished between Muslim, Jewish and Sikh religious symbols, on one hand, and Christmas trees and crucifixes, on the other — justifying the double-standard with a non-sequitur slogan: “We do not have to apologize for being who we are.”

Gen. Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said in a letter this week to a congressman that the administration is opposed to even limited action in Syria because it believes rebels fighting the Assad government wouldn’t support American interests if they seized power. Dempsey said the U.S. military is clearly capable of taking out Assad’s air force and shifting the balance of the war toward the armed opposition. But such an approach would plunge the U.S. into the war without offering any strategy for ending what has become a sectarian fight, he said.

More Louisiana Republicans Blame President Obama For Hurricane Katrina Response Than Bush: According to a Public Policy Polling survey, 29 percent of Louisiana Republicans say President Obama is more to blame for the botched executive branch response to Hurricane Katrina while just 28 percent blamed George W. Bush. A plurality of 44 percent said they were unsure who was more responsible, even though Hurricane Katrina occurred over three years before Obama entered the presidency when he was still a freshman Senator.

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