President Obama Addresses the Nation on Syria

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President Obama Addresses the Nation on Syria [TRANSCRIPT]

War crimes: Syrian government forces have massacred civilians and bombed hospitals, United Nations war crimes investigators said Wednesday as talks began on a diplomatic solution to the chemical weapons crisis. “Massacres are perpetrated with impunity,” according to the report which said the entire country was now “a battlefield.” Opposition forces, including Islamist fighters linked to al Qaeda, have also perpetrated war crimes including executions, hostage-taking and shelling of civilian neighborhoods, the investigators said in their latest report, which covers the period of May 15-July 15.

McCain has a sad: Sen. John McCain (R-Ari.) said Wednesday that the rebels engaged in a civil war with Syrian president Bashar Assad feel “abandoned” by President Obama. “I was very disappointed that the president did not mention the Free Syrian Army and our moral and material assistance for them, which is required,” McCain said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “I think they do feel that they’re being abandoned.” “I feel badly, very badly for my friends in the Free Syrian Army today,” he added.

John Kerry’s Syria Solution In The Works For Months: Secretary of State John Kerry may not have been speaking completely off the cuff on Monday when he said Syria could turn its chemical weapons over to the international community in order to avert a U.S. strike. In fact, the proposal appears to have been long in the making, pre-dating the horrific chemical attack in Damascus in late August.

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