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Nancy Pelosi Guts David Gregory’s Republican Talking Points and ACA Lies:

The point of the whole interview for Gregory wasn’t to be objective. His introduction to show said that the White House was shaken, there was a crisis of confidence in the president, and Democrats were abandoning him. Gregory had his narrative, and he wasn’t interested in the facts about what is really going on.

Gregory tried to get Pelosi on the Democrats defecting from Obama, but the Democratic leader used facts to shoot that down. He tried gotcha journalism with a video clip, but Pelosi explained why what she said was true. David Gregory even got part of the healthcare law wrong when he claimed that the law mandated that junk policies had to be canceled, and he was corrected by Rep. Pelosi.

The problem for the media is that this story is quickly running out of life. The media is going along with Republicans in pushing the belief that the website will never be fixed. They are assuming that the website will remain broken, because their story is pointless if they have to admit that this is a short term problem that is improving by the day. Obama’s presidency can’t be in crisis is the website is being fixed, so they have to pretend like it isn’t.

Nancy Pelosi didn’t play games with David Gregory. She shot down his BS, and gutted his attempt push a false story about a crisis that exists only in the minds of the mainstream media. The truth is that the news is slow, so the media decided to blow the website issues up into a presidency destroying moment.

The GOP Wants to Cancel Tens of Millions of Health Insurance Policies: Contrary to news reports, nearly 1.5 million people have applied and been processed for an ACA insurance policy during the month of October. 500,000 have selected a plan. The Republicans who want to de-fund or entirely repeal the law would effectively cancel all of those policies, as well as millions of new policies purchased in the coming months. Along those lines, if the Republicans repeal or de-fund the law, 40 million Americans, including yours truly, will be prevented from receiving health insurance. This dwarfs the comparatively few cancellations due to Obamacare. In fact, many Republicans were so obsessively, hell-bent on pre-emptively canceling 40 million policies that they went so far as to shut down the government and risk defaulting on the debt to accomplish this goal.


The Guardian really needs to stop lying: Called “need to know” – or more formally compartmentization – this means that every person only gets access to what s/he needs to be “read on” for to do the job at hand. The bottom line is that The Guardian and its defenders are simply lying when they assert that 850,000 people saw the stuff that Ed stole. No, they didn’t. Not once, ever. Even as an NSA counterintelligence officer with ridiculously high level clearances and accesses to do my job, I never saw “everything” – because that’s literally impossible in the system. Every person’s access is specifically tailored to what he or she needs to know to do the job, and nothing more. Which is why Ed had to hack NSA systems for months and years, including stealing the log-ins and passwords of others, who presumably had better accesses than a mere system administrator would, to get a look at the TS/SCI+ information he wanted to steal and expose to the world, while making off to Moscow as a finishing touch.


CNN split-screen segment compares Obama and crack-smoking Toronto mayor: CNN on Saturday filled nearly ten minutes of airtime by discussing how President Barack Obama was like crack-smoking Toronto Rob Ford. “The Most Trusted Name in News” began the segment with a split-screen image of Obama and Ford. The network then likened Obama’s recent admission that he was “not a perfect man” because of the health care reform roll-out to Ford’s insistence that he did not have oral sex with a staffer.

CNN spends ten minutes comparing President Obama to crackhead Toronto mayor Rob Ford: I’m waiting for a Conservative or network to compare the Obamacare site to the Holocaust soon.We’ve heard everything else. On Saturday, CNN spent ten minutes comparing President Obama to crack head Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. They began with a split-screen image of Obama and Ford, because why not. We can totally understand this analogy. Ford, caught on video threatening to kill a ‘mother fucker’, used racial slurs, smokes crack, talks about oral sex with his wife, may have had relations with a prostitute and may have abused his wife, is just like President Obama because is glitchy.

Ford unlikely to block Monday’s council meeting: Mayor Rob Ford is unlikely to seek an injunction to block Monday’s city council meeting, despite reports saying he would try to stop the meeting to block any attempts to further limit his powers. “I don’t think it would be practically possible to do all of that,” Ford’s lawyer, George Rust-D’Eye, told CP24 Sunday evening. “I’m not quite sure what the words of an injunction would read,” Rust-D’Eye said. “I don’t think the court would prevent the council form addressing issues relating to budgeting or staff or things like that. I think the court would have to accept first of all that it was a matter of urgency and second of all that irreparable harm would be done if the notice of motion proceeded.” Some outlets reported Saturday that Ford would seek an injunction against Monday’s meeting, where there will be a motion on the table to reduce his budget and slash his powers. Monday’s motion comes in the wake of council voting overwhelmingly in favour of taking away Ford’s ability to appoint and dismiss deputy mayor Norm Kelly and standing committee chairs on Friday. During that meeting, council also voted to transfer the mayor’s powers in an emergency situation to Kelly. Ford and his councillor brother Doug were the only members of council to vote against the motion.

Rob Ford Wants To Run For Prime Minister Of Canada: Sounding confident about his re-election chances, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford said this weekend that he has aspirations for higher office. “Yes, one day I do want to run for prime minister,” Ford said during an interview with Fox News Channel’s John Roberts.

In other news

Netanyahu slams ‘exceedingly bad’ Iran nuclear deal: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Sunday decried what he called an “exceedingly bad” nuclear deal with Tehran, saying western powers risked “crumbling the sanctions regime,” that has prevented Iranian nuclear weapons. Israel also has been furiously campaigning against the arrangement, which it says would prematurely ease international sanctions on Tehran, before it makes binding commitments to stop enriching uranium.

Top intelligence chief abducted as Libya marks strike: Libya’s deputy intelligence chief Mustafa Nuh was abducted Sunday by gunmen in Tripoli as the capital observed a three-day strike after deadly unrest triggered fears of civil war. The violence was the deadliest in the city since the 2011 uprising and erupted Friday when demonstrators took to the streets to protest against an unruly militia of ex-rebels who helped to topple dictator Moamer Kadhafi. At least 43 people were killed and more than 450 wounded in violence that raged overnight and into Saturday, the health ministry said.

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