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Right wing dickishness on parade! [Shorter Question Everything]

Sometimes, when you’ve got absolutely nothing else, you can opt to simply BE A DICK.

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Is America on the Verge of Theocracy? 4 Fundamentalist Ideologies Threatening U.S. Liberty

Americans seem confident in the mythical notion that the United States is a free nation dedicated to reproducing the principles of equality, justice and democracy.

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The Crazy Gun That Can Physically Stop You From Talking

Freedom of speech is a fundamental part of American culture. A lot of Americans, or protestors in other countries, would stare down the barrel of a gun to defend it. Unless that gun happens to be this insane SpeechJammer device that renders you incapable of forming coherent sentences.

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Top Ten Differences Between Rick Santorum and JFK

Rick Santorum said Monday that when he first heard John F. Kennedy’s speech on religion and politics, it made him want to puke. Santorum misrepresented what Kennedy said, of course. Kennedy welcomed the participation of religious people in American public life.

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Low-wage Facebook contractor leaks secret censorship list

A secret list curated by social network giant Facebook was published online recently after an employee for one of the company’s third-world contractors, upset at his poor working conditions and meager wage, decided to fight back.

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