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Radicalized by Mom?

The mother of the Boston bombing suspects was placed on a U.S. terror database a year and a half before the two bombs planted at the finish line of the Boston Marathon exploded, counterterrorism officials confirmed with NBC News.

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A special place in hell

Rachel Maddow: A special place in hell for those that steal from veterans.

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Not smart enough

What I do know is that if you’re as dumb as a box of rocks, you should not be allowed to have a weapon.

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Fascist America: Have We Finally Turned The Corner?

America has never been without fascist wannabes. Research by Political Research Associates estimates that, at any given time in our history, roughly 10-12 percent of the country’s population has been bred-in-the-bone right-wing authoritarians — the people who are hard-wired to think in terms of fascist control and order.

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Holocaust survivors warn of stirrings of neo-fascism

Survivors of the Holocaust have warned of the first stirrings of neo-fascism in Israel following the emergence of a Right-wing campaign to cleanse Arabs from predominantly Jewish parts of the country.

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