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REDMAP – Yes, they are cheating

When you absolutely can’t win any other way, there is always cheating. And the Republicans clearly, and now admittedly, can’t win any other way.

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Federal court deals blow to anti-Shariah efforts

a federal appeals court on Tuesday agreed with a lower court that blocked an Oklahoma law that would have barred state courts from considering or using Shariah law

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Mississippi Woman Receives Three Year Prison Sentence For Feeding Her Family

In a compassionate nation, the penalty for drug use is not starvation. In a just nation, the penalty for drug use is not that your two children must be hungry as well. There is no excuse for a federal drug policy that punishes anyone by taking away their ability to put food on the table — and that punishes them so severely for the crime of needing to eat.

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The GOP War on Plaintiff Rights

One of the ongoing Republican Wars getting very little attention is their War on the right of citizens to sue huge corporations for negligence, malfeasance, and other wrongdoing.

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Jack Abramoff Gives Away the Corrupt Insider’s Game in “Our” Congress on 60 Minutes

On tonight’s 60 Minutes the former K Street powerhouse Jack Abramoff took Lesley Stahl on a guided tour of the corrupt insiders game the 1% uses to buy their desired outcomes in “our” Congress.

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