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Soviet Balls and other stories. But first, Soviet balls [Shorter Question Everything]

Yes, the USSR was there first, take that! But you know who else is scared of Big Soviet Balls? Mitt Romney. Who also apparently believes that Russia is still ‘enemy number one’.

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Shorter Question Everything

Appalled Ugandans Riot at Kony 2012 Screening / Was the AntiSec Hacking Spree an FBI Front All Along?

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An FBI mole (and FBI equipment) facilitated WikiLeaks release of 5 million hacked Stratfor emails

The FBI also got its mole to get LulzSec to hack 5 million badly protected emails — covering a six year span — from Stratfor

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Hacked Documents Reveal Border Vigilante Activity

Reports of two previously unknown border vigilante operations, including one that apparently hires U.S. Marines as paid mercenaries, have surfaced in internal documents from the Arizona Department of Public Safety stolen and released last week by the hacker collective LulzSec.

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LulzSec dumps hundreds of Arizona Police documents

Lulz Security’s string of embarrassing hacks continued as the group released hundreds of internal documents belonging to various Arizona law enforcement agencies, including the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

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