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Cyber ‘superweapon’ virus uncovered: Russian firm

A Russian computer firm has discovered a new computer virus with unprecedented destructive potential which could be used as a “cyberweapon” by the West and Israel against foes such as Iran.

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It all comes down to being Black [Shorter Question Everything]

It’s not the birth certificate, or the school transcripts. What it comes down to is a segment of the US population that refuses to accept that a Black man could be an American, refuses to accept that he could be smart enough, or good enough, because they certainly don’t think he’s white enough. This birther garbage is just throwing a white sheet over the same old racism. Make no mistake – Romney is 100% for this sort of thing. He’s brought it up, he’s backed it and he’s getting ahead on it.

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Facing Cyberattack, Iranian Officials Disconnect Some Oil Terminals From Internet

Iran disconnected several of its main Persian Gulf oil terminals from the Internet on Monday, local news media reported, as technicians were struggling to contain what they said were intensifying cyberattacks on the Oil Ministry and its affiliates.

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Kaspersky claims ‘smoking code’ linking Stuxnet and Duqu

Researchers at Kaspersky Lab are claiming to have found proof that the writers of the Stuxnet and Duqu malware are one and the same, and are warning of at least three new families of advanced malware potentially in circulation.

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Target Iran: Washington’s Countdown to War

a nonexistent “nuclear threat” is the pretext being used by Washington to install a “friendly” regime in Tehran and undercut geopolitical rivals China and Russia in the process, thereby “securing” the country’s vast petrochemical wealth for American multinationals.

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